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Services a freelancer Web Developer can use to save time and efforts

When it comes to designing a complete website as a freelancer, we have a lot of options these days to choose from. There are some services which offer a free tier option while many other services have a pay as you ...
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How to speed up your design prototyping process in Frontend Development?

The Design process is a process of finding the best design so as to attract more users to the service/product by providing an experience the user feels really comfortable in. Its not just about providing functionality ...
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What is Email Validation and why you need to know about it?

Many Companies we see today ignore the basic email validation process which eventually jeopardizes their reputation when they send emails since their emails received by people show a warning sign or a question ...
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How safe are you online?

The notion of staying safe and secure has always bothered homo-sapiens ever since they left their caves and started their journey towards becoming what we call today 'the modern humans'. As humans evolved, their modus operandi of attacking and defending evolved extensively. Today, humans have to learn...
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Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools

The most precious commodity in today's world is not oil, but Data. It is collected, analyzed and sold by so many companies around the globe to benefit their purpose while folks inadvertently give permissions to such companies by accepting "terms and conditions". While such companies collect data that might not be in public domain, there ...
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What is Linear Advance and its effect on your 3D printing process

What exactly Linear advance means and how does it affects your 3D print's quality and finish? Is there any way you can improve your print's quality using this method? These are the questions which will be answered in this blog post. Lets get started. Before answering what exactly Linear advance is, let us take a ...
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Demystifying 3D Printing

3D printing has been catching a lot of heat lately. Not only are there many traditional 3D printer which used to print 3D objects from different types of plastics or polymer, but also are there quite a lot of different types of 3D printers which makes edible cakes, which can make houses and what not...
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Top 10 STL algorithms that can save your day

Algortihm An Algorithm is essentially a finite set of instructions, which when executed produces a desired result. The calculation it perform could require some input data, or it could also require access to some resources depending on the application it serves. Algorithms are not new, as many people would perceive them to be. They date ...
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From Bletchley Park to the moon and beyond

We all are aware of the computers and their enormous computing power these days which use highly complex softwares but little do we know how it all began. This blog articulates and highlights the major events that occurred in the last 70 years which shaped the way for Digital computers and programming languages as we ...
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Basic Algorithms for everyday programming

You might wonder how many complex devices like a modern personal computer or laptop work, or how even the simple ones like a pocket calculator operate. The fact is, no matter how complex or simple the devices may be, they all work on some sort of algorithm...
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Designing Graphical User Interface (GUI) in OpenGL

Introduction We can generate Computer graphics using many different ways. For example, We can choose to use specifications like OpenGL, Direct3D, Vulkan etc or use any of the existing graphics rendering game-engines like Unity3D, FrostBite, CryEngine, Unreal Engine etc which provides necessary and sufficient functionality to render graphics. OpenGL is a flexible, robust and asset ...
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APSK Signal evaluation for DVB-S2X using EVM vs BER

India is increasingly using space technology for its development of which satellite communications is a major component. Now the communication Satellites are generally designed to work in the microwave band of the spectrum, so they can also be called as Microwave Repeater. Analog Signals, being more susceptible to noise and interference, are being replaced by...
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Introduction to Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is an extremely important medium of communication nowadays. It provides long distance communication service to a wider region. Once the satellite is launched into space, all it needs is a ground station transceiver, which could transmit and receive the signals. Also, it doesn’t need regular...
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