The development of this website would not have been possible without the support of open-source community. Thanks to the community's so many seasoned dev members who created open-source projects/ packages and allowed people to use them freely.

The credits below are merely my way of showing gratitude to the people/companies/entities who somehow helped in the development of my website. None of the this is sponsored by any company whatsoever.

Some of the open-source frameworks/packages/tools used in development of this website include :-

  • Bootstrap

    This website uses Bootstrap framework. Thanks to the authors of Bootstrap project- Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton who released the project initially with MIT license in 2011. Had there been no bootstrap, it would have been more difficult I guess.

  • Github Pages

    Every website uses some sort of hosting. Some poeple purchase hosting from companies like Hostgator, Siteground, Hostinger etc depending on their needs. Similarly, since this website is a static website. it uses Github pages as hosting with a free plan.

    Thanks a lot to Github for offering the service free of cost.

  • Jekyll

    Github pages uses Jekyll behind the scenes. Jekyll, written in Ruby, is a static-site generator created by Tom Preston Werner, Github's co-founder. Tom initially released Jekyll with an MIT open-source license in 2008. Soon enough, Jekyll was taken over by Parker Moore who released Jekyll 1.0 and has been maintainer since then.

  • Ionos by 1&1

    1&1 Ionos is a german Domain Name registrar which also offer other services like web-hosting, SSL certification, email-services, website-builders etc. Thanks to Ionos for offering cheap domain registration plans. It is Ionos where this domain is currently registered. They offer domains at throw-away prices including email-address, SSL-certificates etc.

  • Cloudflare

    Every website needs some sort of Content-Delivery-Network(CDN) to serve the request of every user across globe as fast as possible. This website uses Cloudflare for its CDN and the SSL certificate is also issued by CloudFlare as it also serve as Certification Authority(CA). Once again, thanks to CloudFalre for providing free plans for small static websites.

  • Freepik

    Infographics makes everything look beautiful. I wish we could have infographics for our faces as well. While many of the infographics used on the website are created by me in Adobe Illustrator, many other are downlaoded from the website The reason I like freepik is because it offers so many svg illustrations with open-source licenses. But I also edit the downloaded files to suit my needs.

I express my gratitude towards all those who somehow helped in making the above mentioned open-source projects possible. The list mentioned above is surely NOT exhaustive. There are so many others as well. I am thankful to all those. Someday I also intend to give something back to the dev community (if I can manage to make something good in the first place).

As I always say, the world needs more open-source developers more than anything else.



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